Are You Sure Your South Florida Home Insurance Covers These?

Here is a surprise for you, these ten items may leave you high and dry if you put in a claim to your homeowner’s insurance company. Let’s take a look at a list received from insurance experts of potential claims that people often think are included under their policy, but are not. As always, read your policy.
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Citizens South Florida Homeowners Insurance

Citizens South Florida Homeowners Insurance: Once Again Looking To Make Changes As reported by the Sun-Sentinel on September 30, 2015, Citizens Insurance is once again looking to reduce coverage and the rights of policyholders in an effort to cut costs. Citizens is citing larger than average payouts on non-storm related water as the culprit. Among others,.
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You paid for a home in Fort Lauderdale, Now What?

There is nothing like the feeling of spending money and not knowing what you just purchased. That wonderful feeling of knowing you might have been ripped off, but not knowing for sure. You got to love that feeling. We have all been there concerning our Homeowners Insurance. We have to have it, and living in South.
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How much can you save?