5 Myths About Fort Lauderdale Auto Insurance

Low Auto Insurance Rates for Broward residents

Some vehicle owners do not like to pay for auto insurance just because of its complexities and price. But auto insurance is required by law in Fort Lauderdale and the entire state of Florida in order to operate a vehicle. Auto insurance is a hard one to digest for the common man and it can be a little expensive depending on how much coverage you need. Buying auto insurance is a daunting task for some car owners and to make matters worse, there are a few common myths that are associated with Florida auto insurance that need to be debunked once and for all. The following are the most common Florida auto insurance myths and the actual truth to set the records straight.

Myth No: 1
A Florida Auto Insurance Company Can Cancel Your Policy Any Time.
Florida state regulations do not allow auto insurance companies to cancel your policy in the middle of the term. The company should have valid reasons like nonpayment of insurance dues or spot fraudulent activities from your side. If you have a good driving and are paying your premiums on time, then the chances your insurance company will cancel your policy at any given moment of time can not occur.

Myth No: 2
Red Colored Cars Attract Higher Insurance Amounts
No matter if you drive a red car or a purple car or even a white car on Broward county roads, insurance companies charge only the same premium amount for a particular type of car. They do not look at the appearance or behavior of the car while fixing the insurance amount. They only look at the make of the car, its model, engine size, year of manufacture and its sticker price. Florida auto insurance will be fixed depending on the loss history of the car but not its color.

Myth No: 3
Getting A Ticket Will Result In Skyrocketing Insurance Rates
There is a very common myth among auto owners that a ticket will result in automatic increases to your Florida auto insurance rates. But this is not the case at all. If your ticket is a minor one and you have an otherwise very clean driving record, then your insurance rates are likely not to change or increase. It all depends on the number of violations that you have had in the past.

Myth No: 4
Insurance Policies Cover All Sorts Of Car Damage
Many Florida auto insurance holders feel that their insurance policy covers all sorts of damages to their cars. But, it does not work that way and there are different policies for different types of accidents. Liability insurance will provide coverage for you if you hurt someone or cause damage to a property. Collision and comprehensive coverage will provide coverage for your vehicle.

Myth No: 5
The Florida Auto Insurance Policy Covers Business Related Use
There are many Broward county car owners who believe that personal Florida auto insurance protects the vehicle when it is used for business relate activities. But, this is not true and your auto insurance only covers you to and from commuting to your workplace. It does not provide any coverage for transportation of goods, supplies or any other business purposes.
Now that the top 5 Florida auto insurance myths have been debunked, you should be able to rest a little easier now… Or at least until the end of this year, when new Florida auto insurance myths are sure to show their ugly heads. When that happens, we’ll be here to debunk those too.

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