Business General Liability Insurance In South Florida


There are hundreds of logistical considerations to take care of when opening or operating a business. How much capital do I need? How do I get customers? How do I protect my business and employees? Miss any key points, and you are stacking the deck against success.

The most important consideration is selecting the right insurance policies for your business. Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance policies should be acquired to protect your business. Without it, you are personally liable for accidents that occur while conducting business or incidents related to your company. A potential death-dealing blow for ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs creating their own future.

When selecting your policy, make sure to take into account where your business is located. Businesses located in Broward County, especially those in the areas of Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, and Davie, Florida, should discuss with their local agent what these different municipalities will require.

So, why do I need Commercial General Liability Insurance, you may ask? To understand let’s ask ourselves some more questions. What happens if someone falls or injuries themselves on your property? Bodily Injury. Covered. Damage to property of a customer, or the landlord where your business is located? Property Damage. Covered. Are you being sued for personal injury, including slander or libel? Personal Injury. Covered. Are you being sued because of perceived damages from one of your advertisements? Advertisement Injury. Covered. If you have a CGL policy, in all these examples, your business, and your personal assets are protected. Legal defense and claim coverage.

Commercial General Liability insurance coverage insures your business by creating a blanket of protection. It is risk management in the event of accidents and injury that might occur on your premises. A CGL policy will insulate your business from the backlash of any incidents requiring litigation, such as judgments or claims made against your products or marketing practices. It will absorb the cost of defending lawsuits, bonds required during an appeal, investigations, or settlements. It will also protect your business from possible financial loss, from bodily injury or property damage to a third party, and for medical expenses attributed to the underlying incident.

Whether from risks seen or unseen, it is critical that you provide your business and personal assets, with an encompassing insurance policy. Claims, legal defense, and settlements, can potentially bring your business to ruin if you are not properly insured. Understanding coverage and how to stay safeguarded, is just one of the many things business owners need to be on top of, but it is also one of the most important.

Policy coverage

  • Bodily Injury
  • Property Damage
  • Personal Injury (including slander or libel)
  • Advertising Injury
  • CGL Policies also cover the cost to defend or settle claims (you are covered even if the claims are fraudulent)

Stay protected, and you can move towards success and prosperity worry free. As a business owner, you face new challenges during every turn and at every new milestone. You can limit those challenges, and sleep easy, knowing that your Commercial General Liability Insurance has got you covered.

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