Homeowners Insurance Discounts for Broward County?


Are you sure you are getting all the homeowner’s discounts you deserve?

When it comes to homeowner’s insurance in South Florida, there are literally so many discounts out there; it will make you do a backflip. So how does a homeowner truly know if they are getting all the discounts they deserve? Well, there are really only a few ways to figure this out and we are going to go in depth about each one.

1. EDUCATION – The first step to figuring out if you are getting all the discounts you deserve with your current policy is to know what is even out there. When it comes to homeowner’s insurance in cities such as Pembroke Pines, Davie and Weston, these are some of the homeowner’s discounts you should be aware of.

• Multi-policy (up to 25%)
• Claims free
• Smoke detectors
• Dead bolt locks
• Security system
• Fire extinguisher
• Carbon monoxide detectors
• Privacy fence
• Hail resistant roof
• Smoke-free
• Water safety system
• Storm shutters
Keep in mind that not all insurance companies offer the same options, and they could vary by state as well.

2. KNOW YOUR DEC PAGE- Your current Broward County homeowner’s insurance policy has a dec page in the first few pages of the policy. On this page, you will be able to get a glimpse of the discounts you already have, and there should be other discounts listed your current insurer provides. However, they may not have ever mentioned them all to you.

3. YOU MIGHT NEED TO JUST ASK FOR THEM– When you sign up for homeowner’s insurance in Florida, more times than not, your agent will let you know of all the discounts you qualify for. This is also dependent on if the agent is thorough. This also can depend on if you used an independent agent over a captive agent. Independent agents are able to give you multiple homeowners insurance quotes. A captive agent can only get you one quote as they are only authorized to sell their company’s products.

4. SWITCH HOMEOWNER’S INSURANCE CARRIERS – You’ve now got a good look at the majority of all the homeowner’s discounts available in South Florida, and with most carriers. It will be a whole lot easier to ask for desirable homeowner’s discounts when you know them by name. If there is a discount up above that you are not getting, but you know you should be, maybe it is not offered with your current carrier. To get around this, log online to your cell phone, tablet, desktop or laptop and get a new Broward County homeowner’s insurance quote from the experts at Broward Insurance.com.

With business relationships with carriers from all over the nation, we will take the time to shop your homeowner’s insurance for you. The immediate benefit to you is precious time back in your day. Now you can spend more time with your family while we spend time working the market for you. Priceless!

How much can you save?