You paid for a home in Fort Lauderdale, Now What?

There is nothing like the feeling of spending money and not knowing what you just purchased. That wonderful feeling of knowing you might have been ripped off, but not knowing for sure. You got to love that feeling.

We have all been there concerning our Homeowners Insurance. We have to have it, and living in South Florida, you have no choice. Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach Counties have seen their fair share of hurricanes in the past several decades. Don’t let a wind storm come and find you without an active policy, and don’t get caught with a policy that does not cover enough.

There lies the problem. Does my policy cover enough? What exactly am I getting covered for this price? At Broward Insurance, South Florida’s Best Insurance, we are committed to making sure our clients have what they need and pay the lowest premiums around.

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, from the 2012 data, Florida is one of the most expensive states to buy homeowners insurance. That is the cost of living in paradise, but living in paradise is no excuse for paying too much for your insurance.

There is a sunny side to this story. According to Perr & Knight’s RateWatch, Florida experienced overall decreases in homeowner insurance rates in 2014 of -0.3 percent. Did your homeowners policy premiums go down? If not, call Broward Insurance, South Florida’s Best Insurance for a free evaluation of your policy.

Living in a place where others dream of vacationing comes with a price. You can get some control over some of those costs by making sure your homeowners insurance policy covers what you need it to, and at a price that’s fair and competitive.

Call Broward Insurance, Fort Lauderdale’s best insurance rates today!

How much can you save?