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If you’re an avid boater or yachtsman, Broward Insurance has you covered. We provide comprehensive, insurance coverage for boat, yacht and jet ski owners in Florida. Our low cost policies are available for every boat type and are you can relax on the water knowing you are fully covered. And, should you need to file a claim, we will have you back on the water as soon as possible.

Keeping a boat in Florida means you have to be aware of and ready for unpredictable weather, named hurricanes & tropical storms, flooding and other natural disasters. Our available boat insurance policies include personal watercraft insurance, jet boat insurance, sailboat insurance, fishing boat insurance, and even house boat insurance. We like to say, “if it floats, we can cover it.”

Did you know:

  • Some carriers require you to move your boat outside of Florida during hurricane season.
  • Some carriers require boat insurance policy holders to be full time residents of Florida, and to not have any other property outside the state. Carriers want to make sure owners are with their boat at all times and are not absentee owners, because this represents an added risk for theft or damage during a storm or hurricane.
  • Agencies have a right to limit the length and value of the boat they are willing to insure to protect against shock losses.
  • Coverage for the Bahamas may be included, or added at an additional cost.
  • Sailboat owners receive credits and lower policy rates as they are less at risk as speed boats.
  • Some carriers put an age limit on insurin boats, which is usually 20 years old.
  • A separate deductible may be required for a sailboat’s mast, especially if the mast is made of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is lighter and stronger, but in the case of an accident it usually must be replaced completely.
  • Some carriers will not insure catamarans because if they capsize, they cannot be easily righted, like a sailboat.
  • For sailboats, an auxiliary motor in case of emergencies may be required or may receive a policy discount when insuring sailboats.
  • Most agencies have a separate windstorm deductible in the event a boat or yacht is damaged during a named windstorm.
  • Boat Insurance in South Florida can have higher rates or surcharges due to additional risks such as theft.

Broward Insurance is committed to providing you with top quality Florida boat, yacht and recreational watersports insurance at competitive rates. No matter what your coverage needs, our Florida boat insurance partners can tailor a package that best fits your individual situation. All of our boat and yacht insurance plans give you the peace of mind of knowing you are protecting your assets with the most comprehensive coverage available in Florida at a price you can afford.