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Before you hit the open road, make sure you’ve got the proper coverage at the right price. Whether you’re an experienced rider or new to owning a motorcycle, Broward Insurance can help you find the best possible Florida motorcycle insurance at the lowest possible price from our network of local, regional and state insurance carriers.

Broward Insurance partners with local, regional and statewide insurance carriers in Florida who specialize in the motorcyle insurance needs of Florida natives and new residents. We can secure you the best possible insurance rates so that you can establish “financial responsibility” for your motorcycle or moped, meaning that you and your bike are financial protected in the event of an accident.

Florida motorcycle owners must:

  • Purchase liability coverage from an insurance carrier licensed to do business in Florida. This is the most common way to establish financial responsibility for any vehicle.
  • Obtain a Financial Responsibility Certificate from the Bureau of Financial Responsibility after you:
    • Post a surety bond with a state-licensed company.
    • Deposit cash or securities with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV).
    • Obtain a Self-Insurance Certificate from the Bureau of Financial Responsibility after you provide evidence of possessing a net encumbered capital.
  • Operating a motor vehicle in Florida without proper insurance can result in fines of $150 – $500 per occurrence, suspension/revocation of license, and many more penalties.

Broward Insurance is committed to providing you with top quality Florida motorcycle insurance at competitive rates. No matter what your coverage needs or driving record, our Florida motorcycle insurance partners can tailor a package that best fits your individual situation. All of our motorcycle insurance plans come with the built-in peace of mind that you are receiving the most comprehensive coverage available in Florida for the price you want to pay.