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If you live in a multi-family condominium complex, your homeowners insurance has an added degree of complexity.

You need an experienced local insurance agency to advise you on the coverage that is needed to protect your condo AND the property contained within its walls. Be aware that typically the master condo insurance policy provided by your HOA does not protect what is actually inside your condominium. It’s best if you initiate your own comprehensive HO-6 insurance policy, commonly referred to as “studs-in” coverage.

Your condominium’s HOA documents have a variety of clauses for what happens in the event of disaster, required improvements (special assessments), etc., and it is best if you are protected financially from any gaps in the overall community’s policy.

Broward Insurance is committed to providing you with Florida condominium insurance options at low rates. No matter what your exact coverage needs, our Florida condominium insurance partners can design a policy that best fits your individual situation.